Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

We’ve all heard stories about pets getting abandoned and left to fend for themselves, right? But this one’s a real shocker. It’s about a dog who was locked up inside a house with nothing to survive on. No food, no water, and no way out. Just imagine how much he must have suffered until someone came to his rescue. He was skin and bones, weak as can be, in the worst shape ever.

Last year, a couple visited their newly bought house and were shocked to find an abandoned dog inside.

In November of last year, a couple purchased an old house and were immediately shocked to find a dog in unbelievably terrible condition inside the house. He appeared to have been locked up for a very long time before the couple arrived. Without any experience in animal rescue, the couple decided to make an emergency call to Coração100dono, a local shelter. Rescuers quickly rushed to the house and helped this poor canine.

The poor dog was then taken to the vet, and everyone here was heartbroken to see him.

The dog, later named Valentin, was then taken to the shelter by a caring rescuer, Marisa, from Coraço 100dono. Here, his health was meticulously checked, and everyone at the vet’s was heartbroken when they saw Valentin’s condition.

“Valentine today will sleep on a warm walk and with a full stomach… been to vet , did biochemicals and tomorrow going to lab blood work, liver and kidneys ok what’s good. So much we could say, but I’m already at a loss for words, with so many fleas and with those wounds behind it indicates that it was closed somewhere and imprisoned.” shared the vet.

Investigating Valentine’s story, the agent mentioned that the previous owner might not have wanted to keep a dog, so he was thrown into an abandoned house and left there until death. How terrible! Moreover, the gate was locked, so he couldn’t escape. Of course, no one could have known that until the couple entered.

«For a few weeks, our boy had nothing to eat but rainwater…but in his eyes, we knew he wanted to live,» the rescuer said.

After a comfortable night at the vet’s, Marisa brought him back to the shelter the next day.

Along with daily treatments and notices from the vet, Marisa also treated him to a long-awaited walk outdoors. Just three days after his rescue, our boy gained a kilo. Gradually, he became familiar with his new surroundings and loved walking and playing with his friends.

Although he still has a journey ahead, he can now enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. He now has a cozy bed adorned with pillows and blankets.

Later, Valentine’s story was shared and quickly became popular on social media.

People from all around the world had tears in their eyes to see this extraordinary dog. A dog with nothing but bones doesn’t look like any other dog. Knowing what he had suffered only made people love him more.

Gifts and donations poured in from every corner of the world, granting Valentine a second chance at life. This charming pup now has a bright future ahead.

Today, you wouldn’t recognize him if you saw him again.

He’s undergone a remarkable transformation, growing up to be an affectionate and completely different dog from the one he was just a year ago. How lovely, isn’t it?

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