Пт. Мар 1st, 2024

Keely Favell, a woman from Swansea, shared her extraordinary journey of discovering and removing a massive ovarian cyst that had caused her to gain an alarming amount of weight. The ordeal began in 2014 when Keely noticed unusual weight gain, but it wasn’t until 2016 when she fainted at work that she decided to seek medical attention.

Despite undergoing multiple inconclusive blood tests, one doctor shockingly concluded that Keely must be pregnant due to her appearance, as she resembled someone who was nine months along. This misdiagnosis led her to undergo a pregnancy ultrasound, but it quickly turned into an emergency CT scan, revealing the presence of a huge ovarian mass.

Keely’s case took a critical turn when she was referred to a high-risk obstetrics consultant who stressed the urgency of surgery. The consultant informed her that she would undergo a procedure akin to an old-fashioned C-section, involving a cut from her chest bone all the way down to her pelvic bone.

In March of the following year, Keely underwent a grueling four-hour surgery at Singleton Hospital in Swansea to remove the cyst, which she affectionately dubbed “Mr. Whippy” afterward. Remarkably, just four days after the operation, she was discharged from the hospital. Despite a few minor setbacks during her recovery, Keely expressed immense gratitude for her improved physical and mental health post-surgery.

In an interview with the BBC, Keely revealed that the cyst’s growth had been gradual at first, leading her to dismiss any concerns. Her partner, Jamie Gibbins, and she had considered the possibility of pregnancy, but home tests consistently showed negative results. To avoid awkward explanations about her non-pregnant status, Keely decided to play along with well-wishers who inquired about her due date.

Keely Favell’s incredible saga serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of accurate and timely medical diagnoses. Her battle with the enormous ovarian cyst underscores the importance of thorough investigations and careful healthcare practices. Through unexpected twists and turns, her remarkable journey exemplifies the strength and resilience of the human spirit when facing medical challenges.

The story sheds light on the need for both patients and healthcare professionals to remain vigilant, open to further examination, and not jump to conclusions based solely on appearances. Keely’s journey of overcoming a misdiagnosis and successfully removing the massive ovarian cyst stands as a testament to perseverance and the importance of advocating for proper medical care.