Пт. Июл 12th, 2024

A military mom, seeking help for her newborn, hired a nanny after the initial babysitter quit. The neighbor’s daughter, the new nanny, endeared herself to the family, but red flags were missed. The mom trusted her completely, even sharing lactation issues. One day, checking the nanny cam, she discovered the nanny breastfeeding her son without consent.

Confronting the nanny, who apologized, the mom delved into older footage and uncovered disturbing patterns. The nanny regularly unplugged the camera when putting the baby to sleep, claiming discomfort. The mom found this baseless as the camera didn’t detect motion. The nanny’s excuses piled up, and further investigation revealed negligence, leaving the toddler unattended and her daughter in an enclosed pantry.

Online advice urged the mom to check for theft. Upon inspection, some toddler outfits and a blanket were missing, later returned by the nanny’s father, excluding the blanket. The revelation shocked the mom, who felt immense stress realizing her children’s safety was compromised.

Reddit users emphasized the nanny’s inappropriate behavior and stressed the need for immediate boundaries. The mom, disturbed by the ordeal, made a tough decision to protect her children.