Сб. Мар 2nd, 2024

In a surprising turn of events, a woman exploring a seldom-used spare room in her mother’s Winchester, Hampshire home was met with a startling discovery – a colossal wasps’ nest, housing an estimated 5,000 wasps, had taken over a single bed. Measuring 3 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep, the nest had expanded through the mattress and pillows as the industrious insects continued their construction.

The shocking revelation came to light when the woman’s son opened the door to the neglected room, finding the nest thriving in the absence of human presence. It was deduced that a window had been left open, allowing the wasps to build their intricate dwelling over several months.

Upon receiving a call for assistance, pest controller John Birkett of Longwood Services arrived at the scene, expressing disbelief at the size of the nest. Dressed in protective gear, he embarked on the daunting task of eliminating the wasps, revealing that the nest harbored up to 700 queen wasps. This extraordinary infestation surpassed anything Birkett, with 45 years of experience, had encountered before.

Despite the magnitude of the nest and the intricate workmanship displayed by the wasps, Birkett successfully cleared the area using a specialized spray, even managing to salvage the occupant’s beloved blanket. The woman, unaware of the infestation, made the difficult decision to remove the nest.

Reflecting on the situation, Birkett expressed a mix of awe and sadness at the demise of the industrious wasps, acknowledging the remarkable achievement of their construction. However, the woman insisted on the removal, underscoring the delicate balance between appreciation for nature’s wonders and the need for practical solutions in the face of unexpected challenges.