Пт. Июл 12th, 2024

Dogs can arrive in shelters in many different ways: some are surrendered by their owners while others are rescued from the streets. But recently, one stray dog arrived at an animal rescue on his own — sticking out his paw as if to ask for help.

The remarkable moment was shared by the nonprofit Off the Grid Animal Sanctuary, in Texas. In October, the sanctuary’s owner Bionca Smith noticed the dogs barking at something outside the fence.


She looked and saw that a stray dog was waiting just outside the gate, as if waiting for someone to take him in as a rescue.

Bionca went outside to meet the stray. “I could tell he was looking for help but his face was a little intimidating to me for a brief moment,” she wrote on Instagram. “I could’ve been afraid he’d bite me. He could’ve been afraid I’d hurt him.”


But the two set aside any reservations and formed an instant trust. In a beautiful moment, Bionca offered her hand to the dog — and the stray responded by putting out his paw, as if to say “I’m ready to be rescued.”

Bionca led the dog to the sanctuary, where he received a welcome greeting at the gate from “guardian dog” Kumo, the “alpha” of the pack and the “friendliest dog.” The stray was then brought to a quarantine period.

In an update, the sanctuary wrote that the stray, now named Deputy, was doing “amazing” and “living the dream” in his new surroundings.

Video shows the once-sad-looking former stray has completely changed in demeanor, cuddling with his human friends and running around with the other dogs outside.

“We’re getting to know Deputy and he’s a phenomenal fun loving dog!” the sanctuary wrote. “His demeanor is completely different than the dog that came to us sad and afraid yet asking for help!”

It’s not clear when or if Deputy will be put up for adoption, but it’s clear he’s made an incredible improvement and is loving his new home.

What a touching moment to see this dog reach out his paw to ask for help — we’re so glad Deputy is thriving in the care of this animal sanctuary!

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