Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

When parents get old and fragile, it is usually their children who take care of them or they are placed withing nursing facilities.

A woman shared the story of her parents expressing the wish to move in with her after her children formed families on their own and left their mom’s home.

The woman, who posted her story on Reddit and wanted to know if she was in the right or not, explained that she was more than happy to provide her elderly grandparents with a place to stay, but not in the main house.

Namely, she wrote that she owns a five-bedroom home, but ever since her children moved out, she only uses two of the while the rest are turned into an office and places for her hobby activities.

At the same time, she turned her garage into a guest house for her children, but informed them that it would be their grandparents who would be living there. The woman’s children were fine with that and were even glad their grandparents would be close to their mom.

The guest house was fully equipped with appliances and had its own kitchen and bathroom.

However, when the woman’s parents arrived at her place and learned they wouldn’t be moving into the main house, they got mad.

“They thought they could move into my house since I have five bedrooms,” the woman wrote.

The parents were far from happy.

“They said that they wanted to live in the house, not out in the garage like Fonzie.”

The woman, however, told them their either move into the guest house or into a nursing home.

Reddit users sided with the woman, writing that her parents should have been happy she welcomed them to live near her rent free instead of complaining.

One person wrote that a friend of theirs also welcomed their parents into their garage-turned-guest house but they were far more appreciative.

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