Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

Many people today are facing economic difficulties, serious health conditions, family problems, etc. We can never understand what a person is going through until we experience these difficulties personally.

In this article, we will talk about the special story of an 82-year-old grandmother. Recently, life has become very difficult, especially for families with a weak economy. One of the biggest problems that families with a difficult economic situation face are the lack of food.

Many shops have started to close their activity because they have difficulty selling products. This 82-year-old grandmother, even though she was old, she had to take care of her grandchildren. She did not have enough money to buy food, so she was forced to steal food from a store for her grandchildren.

She lived in Frosinone, Italy, and thought that she must find a solution to feed her grandchildren. At the age she was, she could not earn any money. So she decided to enter a store and steal food. This was noticed by a worker in the store, who saw that the old woman was putting food in her bag.

She was very ashamed of what she was doing and begged the store workers not to inform the police.
She explained to everyone that she was forced to do something so numerous because her grandchildren had to be fed, but she didn’t have any money to buy something to eat.

Her eyes filled with tears and she continued to beg the store workers not to call the police. But something wonderful happened. The shop owner told the old woman to come and get food as often as she needed. The woman was happy and thanked the kind owner endlessly.