Пн. Июн 24th, 2024

Randy Guijarro bought an old painting for two dollars, but later discovered something important about the painting. This was a rare photo of Billy the Kid playing croquet. This photograph from 1878 had great value but was found in old garbage and sold for only two dollars.

But this photo would be properly valued to be sold later for many million dollars. The buyer of the photo says that he bought only 2 dollars a photo, the real value of which is very high.

For him, this was one of the most wonderful discoveries he had made. If someone else had bought it, maybe this rare photograph would never have been discovered. Guijarro noticed that in the photo were Billy the Kid and the members of his gang.

He then studied the photo closely and was sure that it was Billy, the notorious criminal. In the National Geographic program, an effort was made to find out if this photo is original.

The 54-year-old said that he was very happy with what he had discovered.

At first, it was very difficult for him because not everyone believed that this was a real picture of Billy.

“This investigation has been a long journey that I have been very pleased with and at the same time I have been scared when the possibility was proposed that this was not a real picture of Billy.”

Billy is known as a criminal who was involved in illegal work. According to historians, he committed many murders, and a photo of him holding a rifle was sold for about 2.5 million dollars. Guijarro revealed that he had bought the rare photo of Billy from an old dealer who kept several crates of junk.

After Guijarro saw that the merchant was cleaning the place by removing all the things he didn’t need, he started looking if there was anything he could buy from these old things. For Guijarro, it is very exciting to find the antiques and learn the history behind them. This photo will save him from many bills.