Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

These children of different ages are heroes and all those who have seen this moment testify to this. The group of children of “The Awesome Dozen” consists of children aged up to 12 years and they play together and take part in a very entertaining activity. They often organize “egg hunts”. On an ordinary day when they had gone out to do “egg hunting,” they heard a strange noise.

No one expected to see a helicopter hovering above them. The children were playing and did not understand what was happening. Then the children saw a man running in their direction and began to suspect. The man ran into the forest and the children thought something was wrong.

They suspected that the man was hiding something and was trying to get away from the police. And it seems that the police had already lost track because the helicopter was leaving. But the kids thought the cops needed a little help. That’s how an extraordinary idea came to their mind.

They lay down on the ground and made an arrow with their bodies. This could be a crazy and wonderful idea at the same time. They make a giant arrow lying on the ground. The police understood that the children were telling something.

The children were looking toward the helicopter and the police received the message. They head towards the forest and catch the criminal they were looking for. The police thanked the children who helped them in this task. Everyone was amazed by the creativity of the children.

The children do not move at all and this helped the police to understand that this arrow was showing something. The police went to the place where the arrow was pointing because they realized that the criminal was running away into the forest. Everyone thanked the little children for their skills and for the help they gave.