Вт. Июл 16th, 2024

Simon Cowell is one of the most famous people in music and the world of television. The suspicions that have been raised about his son seem to be true and Simon himself has spoken about this.

Apart from being well-known in the world of music, Simon has been a part of the jury in discovering talents in different shows for years. The well-known producer has been part of X Factor and Got Talent for a very long time. He has had a great impact on the lives of famous singers.

Simon has had very beautiful moments in life but also difficult moments. He suffered two accidents that damaged him for a while. After the accident where he damaged his back, he had to have an operation because the damage was big. This accident happened while using an electric scooter.

Recently, Cowell posted a clip on the Internet in which he informed everyone that the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent are open. He has informed people to participate. But what has surprised people is not related to the news that Cowell has given for the famous show.

Everything is about Cowell’s appearance. This clip has worried his fans, who say that Cowell has changed his appearance. In the video, Cowell invites people to compete saying “Two or three minutes can change your life”.

Many people are concerned about Cowell’s appearance and some cannot recognize him. Commentators asked Cowell what he did to his face. The comments are so different and it is clear that people are surprised by his appearance in the last clip.