Вт. Июл 16th, 2024

A man recently took to Reddit to ask his fellow redditors if he was in the wrong, and it was determined he was not the a**hole. But what do you think?

“I (30M) am the best man for my friends (30M) wedding in a few months time. I’m looking forward to it, have prepared a speech and am keen to attend even though it is several thousand miles away,” he wrote.

The 30-year-old went on the explain that he recently cut his hair in a “mullet style” and shared a photo of it with his friends on Instagram.

“It’s something I’d been wanting to do for a while and I’m quite a fan of how it’s turned out.”


While he was pleased with his new hairstyle, the groom’s soon-to-be wife was not impressed.

She messaged the best man “out of the blue” demanding he get rid of it before the couple’s wedding.

“No niceties to the message or other context. Just a message out of the blue saying I should not have this haircut at the wedding.”

The best man was a bit surprised by the request, especially since he was a fan of his hairstyle.

He shared that he was fully aware it was her wedding, but struggled to understand how and why the bride thought she had authority over how people presented themselves at a wedding.

“Is she going to ask for headshots of all other guests to check them first?”

Who do you think is in the wrong? Let us know in the comments!