Сб. Фев 24th, 2024

Patients on Reddit shared their awkward doctor visits, revealing both unpleasant and humorous encounters.

One person’s roommate went to the doctor with blue hands, only to discover it was ink from unwashed jeans.

Another had an embarrassing physical examination when they forgot to wear underwear.

A peewee football player, when asked to cough during a sports physical, panicked and ended up burping.

A person with a slightly shorter leg had an argument with doctors about hip displacement, resolved only when an intern pointed out a mistake.

A man who resembled John Cusack had a bizarre encounter with a doctor who repeatedly commented on his likeness and even played with his hair.

A pregnant woman’s doctor unintentionally made a humorous comment about her pelvic exam.

A ten-year-old, after a ruptured appendix, told the doctor he must be the least popular, leading to a surprising response.

A person mistook red poop for a serious issue, only to realize it was caused by a night of drinking and eating spicy snacks.

Another patient mistook taste buds for a medical issue, causing the doctor to smile.

A pregnant woman’s attempt to hold in gas during a doctor’s visit resulted in an awkward moment when the doctor walked in.

One person sought medical attention for a lump on their chin, only to discover it was a popped zit.

The collection of stories ended on a somber note when a woman’s husband’s strange smell led to a shocking revelation of infidelity and a venereal disease diagnosis.

Other stories include accidentally kissing a doctor’s hand, a panic attack during a hospital visit, and a doctor playing Christmas carols during a pelvic exam. From giggles during a dentist’s chair adjustment to laughing after wisdom teeth removal, the experiences varied.

These anecdotes showcase the diverse and sometimes amusing experiences people have had during their visits to the doctor.