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Fruit and vegetables provide a vast variety of health benefits, this we all know. But just how many hidden possibilities are hiding in your fridge?

There are so many everyday pieces of fruit and veg that have long been used due to their medicinal properties. Not all of them taste nice, but, in general, they’re nature’s way of keeping people away from doctors.

One such gift from the ground is the onion, often taken for granted.

Of course, we use onions the world over, in a multitude of dishes, but did you know that they also have a number of advantages when it comes to improving your health?

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Several studies have proven that onions are good for the heart. The odour they emit contains the substance hydrogen sulphide, known for the positive effects it has on blood vessels.

In addition, onions – particularly those of the red variety – are full of antioxidants. These are crucial when it comes to keeping your body in tune and your immune system strong as can be.

As early as the Middle Ages onion bulbs were hung outside the doors of houses, in the hope that they would absorb plague spores and thus protect the inhabitants of the house.

These days, naturally, we know better – but that doesn’t mean onions can’t be extremely useful when it comes to producing home-made health-hacks.

Onions versus coughs

Let’s face it, we live in a time where cold and flu viruses can spread faster than ever. If you’re struggling with a cough, all it could take is one onion to rid you of the issue.

That’s right, onions can fight coughs.

What to do:

1. Place half an onion in a bowl (some people chop it up).

2. Pour boiling water over the onion (taking care not to drown it completely) and place the bowl on a bedside table or underneath the bed.

3. Go to sleep. The room may well smell of onion the following morning, but it’s worth it. Apparently, your cough should be gone by the time you wake up. At least, that’s the verdict from Helén Bjurberg at Härligt hemma.


Cheap, harmless and natural

I don’t know about you, but I much prefer remedies that are cheap and natural. For me, they beat the hell out of picking up cough medicine or tablets from a pharmacy.

To anyone who’s skeptical of the above method, wondering if it really works, where’s the harm in trying it out? You’ve got nothing to lose (with the exception of tolerating a slightly smelly room for a few hours). It’s easy, cheap and harmless to your body.


I myself have tested the onion trick, and I’m pleased to say that it worked for me. My airways always feel clearer when I wake up, so I’d happily recommend it.

Perhaps that’s why I’m healthy when a fast majority of my friends are suffering from colds! Who knows? It’s certainly worth a test though.

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