Сб. Фев 24th, 2024

Engaging in acts of kindness comes in various forms. Some people like to volunteer their time or advocate for causes they care about. Others prefer to surprise a stranger with a generous tip.

One Redditor, u/OttoBonz, is one such person.

In fact, she took to the online forum’s “Am I The A*****e” thread after a pretty odd incident that occurred at her local restaurant.

The woman shared a story of initially leaving a substantial tip for their server, only to slash it drastically after an unexpected confrontation.

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“My husband (31M) and I (30F) are in a comfortable financial position. While we have our financial commitments, we enjoy sharing our blessings and helping others when possible. One way I express this is by leaving a generous cash tip when a server performs exceptionally well or when we connect with them,” the woman’s post began.

“Last night, we visited one of our favorite spots and were attended by a pleasant young lady in her early 20s. I decided to leave a $200 cash tip for our $46 bill. After settling the bill and not needing change, we left the cash on the table,” she added.

The woman then explained that, as she and her husband were leaving, the server quickly ran to them at the door, “angrily insisting” that they weren’t allowed to leave as they hadn’t paid their bill.

“I asked if she had checked the table, to which she admitted she hadn’t. I walked back with her, took back the $200, and replaced it with $50 – enough to cover the bill with a small tip. I mentioned that I would have appreciated it if she had looked at the table first or approached us with a question rather than assuming we were running out on the bill,” the woman explained.

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The server apparently seemed embarrassed, and the couple promptly left the restaurant.

In her post, the woman said that her husband is now saying that she is in the wrong because she “could have just left the $200.” The woman, however, disagrees, saying that the server should have handled the situation better and not rushed to conclude that the woman and her husband were thieves.

Many people took to the comments section to express their opinions. One person wrote: “

I agree with your take 100%. There were multiple ways the server could have approached the situation that didn’t start with step 1: accuse the customer of thievery. Your server just received a $150 lesson in how not to deal with customers. Hopefully it will serve her well in the future.”

Someone else agreed, adding: “I agree with this also. Server assumed the worst of her table so she gets a s**t tip. I never do Karen s**t but I would have gone even further and walked her to the table and showed her the $200 in cash and then gone to the front and paid exactly the bill and taken the $4 and walked out leaving no tip. In this scenario being a Karen was valid as you were beyond generous to begin with.”

What do you think about this situation? Would you have handled it differently or done the same thing? Let us know in the comments!