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After a few months of dating, a woman noticed a pattern each time they went out to dinner. She eventually grew weary of the circumstance and took action based on her emotions.

After nine months of dating, a 32-year-old woman and her 39-year-old boyfriend—who had two small children—had a heated dispute over something he was doing to her on a regular basis.

The woman then went to Reddit to see if her response to the circumstance was incorrect. Online users offered their opinions on her boyfriend and offered advice on how to handle her predicament.

The woman was worried about her behavior because it occurred in front of her boyfriend’s kids, and he had called her selfish for not taking their needs into account.

The woman revealed that they went out once a week to restaurants because her boyfriend’s kids like going there. Nevertheless, her partner would inadvertently “forget” his card at home every time they went out to dinner.

The girlfriend would make her pay the bill every time he would forget his card. She claimed that although she hadn’t been bothered at first, she had been left penniless because she had paid for supper numerous times in the preceding month.

The woman was heading out to supper with her boyfriend’s kids one evening after receiving her paycheck from her second part-time job. She texted him to remind him to bring his wallet because she knew he frequently “forgot” it. Her lover dismissed the text with a laugh.

Her boyfriend’s kids purchased a lot of different items from the menu when they got to the restaurant, which the woman stated was kind of expensive.

The woman questioned her partner about his wallet to make sure he had brought it this time before they started eating. Her partner seemed astonished when she questioned about it and felt his pockets in an attempt to find the wallet.

“Guess I forgot it in the other pair of jeans that I thought I was going to wear,” he muttered, looking at the woman with a humiliated expression on his face after spending some time looking for his wallet.

The woman had enough and gathered her belongings, prepared to leave the restaurant without having dinner, when her lover asked if she could pay for it this time.

Upon witnessing the woman’s departure, her boyfriend insisted on knowing her whereabouts and activity. She left the restaurant after telling him she was not ready to pay for him and his kids once more.

The woman’s boyfriend called her later to inform her that she was being self-centered by abandoning him and his kids in that predicament. The woman replied that she didn’t think it was fair to pay for him and his kids every time they went on a date.

The father screamed that she had not showed any concern for him and his kids, and that he had forgotten his wallet. Additionally, he informed her that he was unable to pay for their meals and had to cancel their food order, sending his kids home without food.

Following a fight between the couple, the woman’s boyfriend advised her to reconsider how she was handling his kids. He restated that it was her selfishness that was willing to let them go hungry.

She disclosed that her partner was still upset with her for what she had done over dinner when she posted the picture on Reddit. When redditors chimed in on the matter, the majority of them agreed that he was taking advantage of her.

If you had been the woman, how would you have responded? After he lost his wallet, do you believe she was right to leave her partner and his kids, or should she have paid for them and talked to him about it after they left the restaurant?

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