Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

I am 63 years old this year. Once my son got drunk, mistook me for his wife and said many things. However, there was one thing that stunned me when I heard it.

I live in a town and now I am a retired teacher. My monthly pension is about 8 million and my husband passed away 5 years ago.

My husband and I only have one son. When he got married, I bought a house in the city and lived with him and his wife to take care of their children. Now, my grandchild is 7 years old.

On this day 2 months ago, my daughter-in-law visited her parents’ house. In the evening, my son had dinner with his friends and got drunk.

I quickly helped my son sit down on the sofa, and then made him a cup of warm lemon to wake up. At this moment, my son held my hand and shouted:

“Wife, bring me two more bottles of wine…”

I thought he drank so much that he mistook me for his wife.

“Stop drinking, I’m too drunk…”, I quickly said.

He interrupted me and said:

“Wife, are you afraid that I won’t help you with the housework if I drink too much? Don’t we have a mother at home? My mother is a senior housewife, she is very strong, she can do anything.”

“Look at how my mother cleans the house, not a speck of dust, the windows are bright, my mother does everything, even her family’s work clothes are hand washed…”

Hearing this, I was stunned for a few seconds and then interrupted: “Now that your father is gone, I only have you, can you treat me well?”

My life is not easy, in order to buy a house for my son in the city, I have used up all my savings before, now I am old, it’s time to rely on him and grandchildren.

My son continued: “Wife, have you forgotten? We have agreed. In a few coming years, when my mother will be old and weak and can’t do housework, she will give us her retirement book. After that, we’ll send her to a nursing home.”

Hearing these words come out of my son’s mouth, I was like a thunderbolt in my ears, my whole body trembled.

I never imagined that the son I raised and loved all my life would be so cruel to me.

I was so sad that I couldn’t sleep all night, holding my husband’s photo and thinking about it all night.

The next morning I did not cook breakfast and took a bus to come back my hometown. I did not want to serve him and his wife anymore.

Then my son called to ask why I didn’t make breakfast

“What’s wrong with you? Why did you leave without saying anything and discussing with me and my wife? Who will help us with the housework?”

In order not to be confused later, I didn’t tell her the real reason why I went to my hometown, I just said that I wanted to be alone, the environment in the countryside is better, suitable for my age.

I also told him: “You became a parent. I have raised and cared for your child. Mom’s mission was over. The rest is up to you. In the future, if you remember me, go back hometown to visit me!”

Even though I don’t have any savings, I still have a pension every month. In the past 2 months, I’ve been back home and very happy, I often plant flowers and chat with the neighbors.

For 2 months, my son haven’t visit me. Sometimes he called, but every time he just said he wanted me to go back to the city to live with his family. He said without me his family life would be messed up.

I was a little soft-hearted, but I also remember what my son said that night. I decided to refuse.

I have to live for myself and I plan to save more money. In a few years if my son is more thoughtful, loves me more, I will give him that savings and this house.

Otherwise, when I get old and can’t take care of myself, I will hire a maid. If that person loves and takes care of me like a family member, I will leave all my savings and this house for that person.

Do you think I am doing right? What would you do if you were in this situation?