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At 16 years of age, this senior kitty lost the only family he’d ever known and was taken to the Kitty Adventure Rescue League, in Fort Worth, Texas.

The heartbroken cat didn’t think he’d ever recover from his profound loss, and never expected to find love again.

However, little Orion would soon find that love and happiness were still in the cards for him.

Kitty Adventure Rescue
The Kitty Adventure Rescue League is a retirement centre and rescue group which provides senior, disabled, and special needs kitties with life-long care.

The cats are given everything they need in terms of care, vet care, shelter, accommodations, company, and love, and Orion could not have ended up in a better, more loving environment.

Kitty Adventure Rescue

However, upon arriving at the cat sanctuary, Orion felt depressed and anxious and kept his distance from everyone.

He spent a week hiding away, grieving his old family and mistrusting his new surroundings.

Kitty Adventure Rescue
But once a week had passed, Orion began realizing that this strange new place was his home now, and that all anyone wanted was to provide him with love, comfort and affection.

Once this dawned on Orion, the little senior’s attitude completely transformed.

Kitty Adventure Rescue

Orion felt intense gratitude for the lovely people who had taken him in when he was at his most vulnerable and needed love and support the most.

To show everyone just how much he appreciated gaining this second chance in life, he began cuddling every human and cat in sight.

According to Love Meow, his signature move for expressing his love is bonking his head up against the object of his affection.

Kitty Adventure Rescue
Now, Orion feels safe and secure and can look forward to spending his golden years in perfect comfort.

He’ll never have to feel alone or worried, as he’s surrounded by people who love and care for him, and he’ll forever be grateful for that.