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Dogs are definitely the heroes we need!

Without even the slightest doubt, it’s evident that dogs make our lives 100000 times better. Not only do they provide us security and comfort but also lots of endless unconditional love. Go ahead and ask some of the dog owners their reasons to live and hear them saying that it’s their dog and we don’t even blame them, honestly. Even if you are sick, your dog can do wonders and you won’t even need a human to carry out your tasks for you. Well, we are talking about the service dogs here.

Service dogs are trained to provide help and do basic, everyday tasks for a person with some sort of disability. They are known for their disciplined, focused, and calm nature. They are generally neutered so they aren’t aggressive or work in heat which might distract them from their actual work. Moreover, they have to be 6 months or older to qualify as service dogs which means passing the puppy phase too.

In this article, we have a story of a painter who got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and lost the ability to use all of her four limbs. Just then, she was sent a service dog who was a Black Labrador named Donna, that provided her with help in her tasks like eating, picking up things, opening doors, etc. Service dogs can provide physical support to those with limited mobility such as wheelchair users. Mobility assistance dogs can be trained to do tasks such as open doors, turn light switches on and off, fetch objects for their owners, pay cashiers, and press elevator buttons. In short – Donna was nothing less than a miracle and a true Gods angel for the old lady!

You will experience an emotional rollercoaster ride as we dive deeper into the article. Make sure to grab some tissues before you start reading this article because you will surely need some! Scroll down to start reading this inspiring and heartwarming story of a sweet-natured service dog helping her best friend who can’t use her limbs anymore.
This story is about Bracha Fischel who is a painter and most of her life revolves around her canvas and brushes.

In 2006, her life came crashing down as she got rheumatoid arthritis. Her surgery resulted in her being unable to use her arms or legs which is probably the worst thing to happen to an artist.

We cannot even begin to imagine the misery that Fischel had to go through. Being a quadriplegic is not something you would want anyone to go through, no matter how much you despise them. Living with such a condition can be very difficult as you eventually have to depend on other people for literally, everything.

However, Fischel had to somehow manage it all and learn to live with her condition, no matter what. It can get very exhausting for a person to live a normal life when they do not have functioning limbs as they are the most vital part of the body after all.
Bracha did not give up and learned to paint with her mouth – She made this gorgeous art, shown below – isn’t it impressive?

Nonetheless, Bracha was not alone in this! Luckily, she had a super friendly, service dog to her rescue! Being disadvantaged in one way could only be justified if there is an alternative to help out in need and so did Bracha. Since dogs are considered to be a man’s best friend, here is the one who proved it actually.

Donna, the black labrador is the cutest dog who proved to be as adorable as they are known by everyone.

She does whatever is in her capacity to cater to Bracha as much as she can. Demonstrating her super-smart side, Donna can even pick up food in a spoon and feed Bracha. Moreover, she even opens doors, picks up and hands things to Bracha if needed, and does many more things that dogs are competent to do.

Donna was just like a guardian angel for Bracha – but this time the angel came with four legs and a furry body. In an interview with The Dodo, Bracha tells that “Donna brings brushes into my mouth, as well as pencils, felt-tip pens.”

We’re sure that Donna loves to take care of her humans and hold things with her strong mouth which is probably the reason she also enjoyed the whole thing. People taking care of their pets is the same, run of the mill idea but dogs taking care of their human is super interesting and fun to hear!

Fischel shares pictures of Donna helping her out on her Instagram account. without a doubt, the dog deserves a special award for all the help that she gives her humans. Additionally, she certainly deserves treats for such an outstanding job at taking care of Bracha.
Here’s an adorable video of Donna doing the laundry!

All thanks to Donna, Fischel is a lot happier in spending her life this way, despite being affected by rheumatoid arthritis and staying back from doing anything in life. The adorable dog is more than happier to bring a smile to his owner’s face – as labs can be very friendly – like that.

The labrador, Donna proves that retrievers are the most gentle and loving animals who just need people to love them and in return, they serve them with their full capability. To experience more about Donna and Bracha’s world, do visit their Instagram page.

Did this beautiful and heartwarming story melt your heart? We’re sure it might have made you tear up a little, and why not? This inspiring story proves that even animals understand emotions, especially dogs, who also respond back! Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below!