Вт. Июн 18th, 2024

At her age, until now, Jacqueline visits the gym and beauty salon, monitors her diet. Only now, in order to preserve her youthful face, she had to undergo several anti-aging plastic surgeries. So why does she regret it now?

In her youth, she was incredibly beautiful, and now she has become a victim of plastic surgery. She had an unsuccessful nose job. Then an unsuccessful operation to rejuvenate the neck, then a change in the shape of the eyes, as well as lip augmentation and facial stretching. And the fact is that the result was not as satisfactory as the famous parent expected.

Jacqueline said she was afraid to look in the mirror. In her youth, she was cared for by a lot of men and had an army of followers.” Most likely this was the reason that she could not accept the age — related changings and decided to deal with plastic surgeons.

“Mutilated herself”, “Poor woman”, “Turned into a monkey”, “She just always wanted to be a young again”, “Live to her age, and then make a decision,” people commented.

Are you on the side of plastic surgery?