Вс. Июл 21st, 2024

The renowned singer Cher recently took a well-deserved vacation, but the paparazzi have already managed to photograph the icon while she was away.

However, the celebrities in these images were not immediately recognized by the network users. The fact is that Cher wasn’t wearing makeup since she was submerged in the water. She does not have to lay on the beach in a full dress and an evening gown, therefore, it is unclear why there are such inquiries from the public.

Cher swam in the surf while holding a small whiteboard. The artist was dressed in unique clothing, which she layered with a T-shirt in vivid orange color.

The regrettable consensus among network users was that the iconic Cher had aged noticeably. Additionally, admirers pointed out that their favorite Cher appears quite different in real life and is virtually unrecognizable without makeup.

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