Чт. Июл 18th, 2024

The red bikini Christie Brinkley wears while posing for beach shots is popular with her kids.

Christie Brinkley is feeling the love and tanning in one of her favorite locations on earth after visiting there before.

At Lucky House, the seasoned supermodel’s residence in Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos, she is currently on holiday.

She dressed up for the occasion and spent Valentine’s Day at the beach basking in the sun.

Christie posted a photo of herself by the ocean wearing a red-hot triangle bikini as part of her Valentine’s Day themed bikini look on Instagram.

The well-known blonde embellished with additional red, donning a printed red jacket with blue embroidery and posed with her toned, tanned legs out in the open and her hands forming a heart.

She posted a number of images from her Valentine’s Day at the beach, one of which captures her laughing in mid-stride, as well as a video of the romantic note she wrote in the sand.

She scribbled in cursive, transforming the dot of the exclamation point into a tiny heart as she penned, “Happy Valentine’s!” She captioned the photo, “Hope everyone is feeling the LOVE.”

Fans and her two youngest children, Jack, 27, and Sailor, 24, whom she shares with her ex-husband Peter Cook, showered her with praise. They were wed from 1996 till 2008.

Sailor, who has modeled like her mother, wrote, “Sexy,” and sweetly added, “I love you so much!” Well Christie, you bring the heat to Parrot Cay, according to others. and “Wow Christie, you turn Parrot Cay on!”

Both “Rockin’ that red biкini” and “May all the love you send out surround you” are used.

Christie’s residence in Turks & Caicos, Lucky House, is a three-bedroom seaside property with a personal butler. Visitors may stay here for $945 per night while she and her family are not around.