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Adopted teen gets emotional when mom walks in with his 1st birthday cake

It was a special moment he’d never experienced before, and it was all while being surrounded by his new forever family.

The teenage years are already difficult for children and their parents to go through.

All the physical and hormonal development that takes place during these years makes communication between them challenging and it causes several issues.

Imagine being an adopted teenager. This makes things even harder because, besides the changes their body and brain are going through, they also have to deal with having a new family.

Still, in order to adopt a teenager, it means that they really hold a place in your heart. And, hopefully, you are a really important person to them, too.

This is exactly what happened in the case of brothers from Sierra Leone, James and Abraham, who were recently adopted by a Charlotte, North Carolina family.

Jamie and Joe Walker already had four children of their own, but they felt the need to add these two brothers to their family after Joe met them a while ago, when he“took a trip down to Sierra Leone with his friend who started an orphanage there,” WCNC reports.

It seems that Joe had a connection with the brothers right away. After Joe returned home, he kept in touch with James through Skype, and then he returned to see them again.

After that, he knew that he had to adopt the boys. Something inside him was telling him that this was what his family was meant to do.

Both his wife and his children agreed and they started the adoption process, but then the pandemic started and things didn’t go as planned.

Eventually, the brothers were officially adopted in October 2021, and everyone’s life changed for the better.

When this past May was Abraham’s birthday, his new family decided to surprise him with a birthday cake.

Indeed, Abraham was not just surprised, he was in shock when he saw his mother coming into the room holding a beautiful cake with his name on it.

This was something the young boy had never experienced before.

As he told a local news source, not only had he not blown birthday candles out before, he had actually no idea what a birthday was before he met his new family.

“We never knew about something called a birthday,” he told Queen City News. “It just feels like God is showing all the blessings in you. Everybody in the whole world is giving you their best love that they have ever given. That is what it feels like to have that cake.”

So, when he realized what was going on, he left the counter he was sitting at and he rushed straight to Joe to give him a tight hug.

In the meantime, the other family members were encouraging him to blow out the candles, and eventually he did, but he didn’t make a wish because he simply didn’t know he was meant to.

“As it unfolded it dawned on me that Abraham would have no idea what “make a wish” meant so we let him have a redo,” Jamie wrote in the Facebook post.

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