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Despite her terminal condition, ONJ managed to deliver a brilliant performance. I’m so glad that Dolly captured one of her last recordings on video.

Almost everyone knows Dolly Parton, from her movies and signature looks to her music.

Parton has written over 3,000 songs, including two timeless hits, “I Will Always Love You” and “Jolene.”
If you love the song “Jolene,” you also know the inspiration behind the hit song.
YouTube — Olivia Newton-John

The hit song was released last 1973 and talks about a woman deeply in love with her man, causing her to plead to another woman not to take her man away.

Like any other song, there was an inspiration behind it.
Dolly found her inspiration through a red-headed bank teller who was, at that moment, flirting with her husband, Carl Dean.
YouTube — Olivia Newton-John
Dolly made it clear that the woman’s name was not Jolene. She just happened to like the name.

Many artists have covered the song, and some of the most notable versions of the song were from The White Stripes, Miley Cyrus, Pentatonix, Olivia Newton-John, and Reba McEntire.

In a video uploaded last February 17, 2023, Dolly introduced herself and told everyone how excited she felt working with her long-time friend, Olivia Newton-John.
YouTube — Olivia Newton-John

If you love the musical movie “Grease,” you know Olivia Newton-John and one of her trademark songs, “Hopelessly Devoted To You.”
Most of her fans know how strong Newton-John was.

She advocated for cancer research and treatment and established the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, located in Melbourne, Australia.

Sadly, Newton-John passed away last August, aged 73.

Just before her death, the musical superstar had been busy working on an album she named “Just the Two of Us: The Duets Collection,” that was released May last year.”

In the video released on Newton-John’s YouTube channel this February, we see Dolly introduce herself.

“We’ve always stayed close through the years and I am just so proud to be part of this duets project that she’s doing,” she said in the video’s intro.

“We’re singing one of my favourite [songs] that I’ve ever written ‘Jolene’. She [Olivia] says it’s one of her favourites, so why not just do a duet on our favorite?”

Newton-John added that she had always wanted to sing with Dolly.
YouTube — Olivia Newton-John

As the familiar music plays, we hear Newton-John singing first.

Her voice has remained as smooth, delightful, and gorgeous as it was.

If you closed your eyes, you wouldn’t know she was very sick.
She sang the song like it was her own.

Then, we hear Dolly take her turn.

As expected, the Country Music and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer poured the same deep feelings she had for the song.
You can feel the pain of the woman singing, begging the other woman not to take her man.

Each award-winning singer had a unique singing style, yet their voices blended well.

You’d end up feeling all the emotion of the song and at the same time, admire the voices of these two beautiful ladies.

Many comments shared how this song touched their heart and how they all miss Newton-John.
If you’re a fan of these two talented artists, then you have to check out their duet below.

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