Вт. Июл 16th, 2024

How are you going to stay calm and collected in this situation? In a bikini, Salma strolled.

The 54-year-old star proved that she still defies aging in her most recent Instagram photo on Tuesday.

Salma sat in the water with her legs crossed, looking gorgeous in a black bikini.

The actress appeared to be meditating in the sand while sitting cross-legged in another picture while provocatively pushing her breasts out in another.

We must retain our composure, Salma said as the picture’s caption. Keep your composure, please.

The hashtags #instamood and #calm were placed after the caption.

In the post’s comments area, Salma’s admirers couldn’t stop raving about her.

After seeing you, gorgeous lady, how could anyone remain calm, one commenter wrote.

“How did you get to appear so amazing?” said a different.

A third admirer praised Salma, saying, “You are extremely gorgeous.”

The celebrity has previously been unafraid to flaunt her remarkable physique; she recently rang in the new year wearing only a bikini.

In order to go swimming in 2021, she changed into a brown bikini, pulled her hair back, and wore tortoise shell sunglasses.

She had a huge diamond ring that shone glamorously in the sunlight.

The outfit was appreciated by the public, with one Instagram user calling the model “the most gorgeous woman in the world.”

Another chimed in, “Wonderful queen!”