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When thinking of Charlie’s Angels, the iconic series and franchise, one of the first names that comes to mind is, of course, that of Kate Jackson, who is believed to be the creator of the name.
When she first appeared on screen, pretty much everyone knew she would make it big in Hollywood, and that wasn’t away from the truth.

Her career has been rich and includes a number of roles in different films and projects, including Scarecrow and Mrs. King and The Rookies among the rest. Her exceptional work earned her several recognitions and exciting opportunities.

But then, in the heydey of her career, Jackson decided she had it enough because she felt like she needed to make some time for her personal life which she neglected because of her hectic filming schedule.
Jacyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett on the set of “Charlie’s Angels”. (Getty Images)

Rumors were that she was fired from Charlie’s Angels, but that wasn’t true. In fact, she had worked out a deal with the show-runner Aaron Spelling to release her from her contract. “What it comes down to is I got tired of them, and they got tired of me. I’m glad I’ve finally been able to hang up the halo,” she revealed in an interview later on.
Not only she stepped down from acting, but she also moved away from Hollywood physically, selling her property there and moving to a farm in Keswick, Virginia.





In 1987, Jackson was diagnosed with breast cancer and was forced to undergo various treatments, including a lumpectomy and radiation treatment. This helped clear the cancer, but not for long. Sadly, the disease returned two years later, and Jackson underwent another surgery before she was declared cancer free for a second time.
When it comes to her love life, this exceptionally beautiful woman who is now 74 years old, was married three times, and although she always knew she wanted to be a mother, she didn’t see herself sharing a child with any of her husbands.

Jackson married her first husband, Andrew Stevens, after six weeks of dating. What was supposed to be a short vacation turned into their wedding. They were very spontaneous about the decision to tied the knot. However, their marriage only lasted for two years.

In May 1982, Jackson married a New York businessman named David Greenwald in a private Beverly Hills ceremony. The two had a long-distance relationship which turned out not to be working. This marriage also lasted for two years.

The third and final time Jackson tied the knot was with Tom Hart, a ski lodge owner in Aspen. It was her who sent him a message through the waiter at the restaurant where she first laid eyes on him. Despite being a high-profile actress, during their marriage, the two kept to themselves and quietly divorced in 1993.

Eventually, Jackson decided to adopt a child after she met Rosie O’Donnell and her adopted child. She helped get in touch with a mother to be who wasn’t ready to raise a child. Allegedly, the baby’s father was a bank robber whom FBI killed, but Jackson didn’t want to talk about it, she only said she knew the baby’s father was dead, and that was it.
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“They handed him to me and I held him for a long time. He looked up at me with his bright little eyes,” she said of meeting her child for the first time.

Jackson has devoted all her time and energy to being a mom, taking her son to playdates, sport games, and a lot more.

When she turned 57, she wanted to return to her acting career, but landing roles wasn’t an easy task after so much time. Jackson’s last credited role is in Criminal Minds in 2007.

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