Чт. Июл 18th, 2024

A little dog was dumped on the Panhandle Animal Welfare Society’s (PAWS) porch. It was a very cold night and the little dog nearly froze to death. Luckily, Officer Marcus Montgomery just happened to be responding to a call when he saw the dog. It was fate. Montgomery and the little dog hit it off right away.

The dog knew that Montgomery was ‘good people’ and curled up on his lap!

It is not surprising that Montgomery and his girlfriend want to foster the little guy.

Montgomery has fostered and adopted from PAWS before, so, it was really a no-brainer.

Especially since the dog seemed to be taken with him anyway!The puppy was named Kylo as you can see, he is in very capable, and loving hands. We can rest assured that as long as Montgomery has Kylo, he will be loved and fed and warm! Share away, people!