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One of the star’s secrets is that she has a great sense of fashion and understands how to bring out the best in her features.

Stone avoids wearing ultraminis, plunging necklines, and slits whenever she can. But it’s also impossible to call her clothing boring. Sharon enjoys experimenting with the newest fashions and donning vivid hues.

Stone is not averse to experimenting with photographs or perhaps dressing too naturally. The actress is certain that she has the freedom to dress however she pleases. And despite her age, this is the case.

Sharon Stone — Montée des marches du film « Elvis » lors du 75ème Festival International du Film de Cannes. Le 25 mai 2022
© Olivier Borde / Bestimage Red carpet of the movie « The Innocent » during the 75th Cannes International Film Festival. On may 24th 2022

The star of “Basic Instinct” appearing on “The Very Late Show with James Corden” was evidence of this. The actress made her studio debut wearing a sumptuous scarlet dress with a huge flower on the chest and an open cleavage area.

Sharon, with her brilliant grin and wavy hair, practically sprinted out into the audience.

Fans could not help but be entranced by the Hollywood beauty’s presence. There have been many comments about how tough it is to look away from the actress.

Internet users commented, “Sharon breaks all stereotypes about age,” “I cannot believe she’s in her seventies,” “What an amazing woman and sexy she is,” “Sharon looks gorgeous in that dress,” “I can’t take my eyes off her look,” “Very beautiful and seductive,” and “Sharon looks wonderful in that dress.”