Вс. Июл 21st, 2024

There are people in the world who enjoy every moment of their life. These kind of people prove to us that age is just a number. A man like this is Donchez Dacres, a mechanic from Wolverhampton, England. When he’s not working, the 60-something does what he loves. He sings.

Donchez recently proved his great talent on Britain’s Got Talent. Despite the opinion of others regarding his passion, Donchez appreciates who he is as a human being. He has a great personality and lots of flair. These things determined him to step onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage.
The 60-year-old mechanic chose to sing an original song, “Wiggle and Wine.” And he was just lovely. But even if he was so confident in his talent, he has no idea the judges will react like that. Moments after Donchez begins to play, Judge David Walliams jumps out of his chair.

As the beautiful performance continues, the crowd and the judges feel the beat. When the great performance is over, Walliams rewards the moment in a great way. He reaches out and presses the much-desired golden button.
Then he explained his decision: “You know what? I stirred my body. I hurt my body. But I never did both at the same time. You are like a ray of golden sunshine. THANKS. While Cowell added, “People like you are the reason we do this show, because you made it fun. I really like you. Then he turned to the audience, saying, “You could have seen the winner of Britain’s Got Talent. Watch the video below to see how adorable that audition was!