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Children have the purest souls. It is only throughout the years that they learn to be judgmental, which is a sad reality we often want to change.

A group of middle school chorus students from the Hingham Middle School Junior Choral Spectrum in Massachusetts did something impressive for their teacher who was about to get married and left him in tears of joy. Namely, director Christopher Landis, whom children adore, was set to marry his then-fiance Joe Michienzie.
YouTube / MassLive

Having done so much for them, they wanted to repay him for being an awesome teacher so they came up with the idea to surprise him with a lovely rendition of All You Need Is Love by The Beatles.

They rehearsed for a months without Landis’ knowledge and when the day of Landis’ wedding rehearsal finally arrived, they were ready to put their hard work into practice.
YouTube / MassLive

The moment they students walked in, Landis was overwhelmed. He couldn’t believe that “his kids,” as he refers to them, would go to such length for him. As they started singing, tears of joy started rolling down his face.

You can take a look at the heartwarming surprise in the video below.

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