Чт. Июн 20th, 2024

Music, according to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, is the human race’s global tongue. That has never been more apparent than in this video, which stars Brendan Kavanagh, commonly known as “Dr. K,” and an unidentified older man.

At a train station, the older man is by himself playing the piano. Although he attracts some attention from onlookers, he is satisfied with simply play the instrument.

Brendan Kavanagh appears out of nowhere and begins playing music with the man. With the other man, Brendan, also known as “Dr. K.,” begins playing some boogie-woogie piano.

Brendan stands close to the man who is seated and bangs on the piano. Later, Brendan settles down to his left and adds the songs’ basslines. Over five minutes were spent playing together.

People are stopping more frequently to take in the rowdy, loud piano duet in the center of a station. The event is captured on cellphone video, which has received countless millions of views.

At a lone piano, two strangers come together and start playing music in an almost magical way without speaking a word. They continue jamming as Brendan periodically inquires about the man’s knowledge of particular songs.

Brendan has a history of engaging in behavior like this. He is everywhere on the internet, joining in when people are playing the piano in train stations and malls. To compose music and have fun, he joins everyone he can.

Brendan holds a Ph. D. in English, thus the reason for his moniker, “Dr. K.” He is an Irish-born British piano instructor. He adores playing and instructing in the piano boogie-woogie style. In this video, Brendan can be seen improvising tunes and riffs with the man, which is typical of the genre.