Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

There is no love greater and purer than the love between a grandmother and her grandchildren. And the further up the family tree you go, the stronger it gets.

Not a lot of people live to see their great-great-grandchildren but Vivian Dahl did. Not only has she seen her great-great-grandchildren. but she has the unique experience of celebrating her birthday with one of them!

Vivian Dahl just celebrated her milestone birthday; turning a hundred years old! Never did she expect to celebrate the landmark birthday with another member of the family; her great-great-granddaughter!

Vivian’s great-great-granddaughter Eloise was born exactly 99 years after her.

Vivian’s great-great-granddaughter Eloise was born exactly 99 years after her.

The duo has an age difference of 99 years but that did not let them from celebrating together. The adorable girls posed together for pictures on their shared big day.

Eloise sat on her great-great-grandmother’s lap looking absolutely giddy. They made an adorable couple!

To celebrate this unique milestone, the family threw both of them a joint birthday party in Lake Crystal, Minnesota. Vivian Dahl has lived her entire life in Lake Crystal and the 100-year-old does not plan on moving either.

Much like any other 100-year-old who lives to see such a monumental birthday, Vivian also had some advice for those looking to live a longer life too.

The grandmother of many said, “No smoking, no drinking, and no candy.” She alluded to the fact that the secret to her long life was a healthy diet that did not involve smoking, drinking, or candies.

Well, there you have it! The secret to a long life.

This is such a heartwarming story! How many people even get to celebrate their birthdays with their great-great-grandchildren present let alone be able to celebrate along with them! This story really reminds us to cherish our elders and celebrate with them for as long as we are lucky to have them around.

We wish Vivian Dahl and little Eloise a very happy birthday. Share this adorable story with your friends and family to make their day!