Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

Britney wore a white bikini to the beach and showed off her physique. She’s not exactly in tip-top shape right now.

On her blog, the pop diva posted a picture from her childhood.

Britney Spears displayed a photograph in which she was seen with her sons Jaydan and Sean-Preston, both of whom are still in their early years. Britney’s hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, and she has on large sunglasses to cover her face. She is dressed in a white swimsuit.

“When my children were younger… at every pool, on every excursion, all the other children ran to me because I always carried a lot of toys… Britney summed it up by saying, “I really am a mom.”
Fans of Britney, many of whom are concerned about the state of her mental health, have resorted to assuring one another in the comments section that the singer is a fantastic mother to her sons.

“What a fantastic mother you are! I know that your children adore you more than anything else in the world”, “You are the best mom”, “You deserve to be with them”, and some people are preoccupied with this message and question Britney: “Mom, what’s going on?”

It is important to keep in mind that Kevin Federline is the one who raises Britney’s children. Even though it’s not often, I get to see my mum. It’s likely that Brit misses them quite a bit.