Чт. Май 23rd, 2024

A mother’s bond with her child transcends all boundaries. It’s probably the purest form of love on the planet.

Even when separated by a large wooden door, it is unconditional and eternal love.
That’s what we saw in a stunning viral video that was recently uploaded to YouTube.

Ivy, the small girl, stood calmly outside the bathroom door while her mother took a shower inside.
It wasn’t, however, because Ivy needed to use the restroom. You might be wondering why she was outside.

The adorable child, it turns out, was just looking for a cuddle from Mom.
When you’re looking for a big hug, it can feel like a lifetime, especially at her age. Ivy was around 18 months old when the video was shot.

Even though it wasn’t her birthday, she was still being carried around in a baby carriage and singing “happy birthday” to herself (it’s incredibly sweet).

Ivy is already standing on two feet and exploring the house.
This means Mom is no longer able to flee. If Ivy requires a hug, she can locate her mother anywhere in the house and demand one right away.

Ivy will ask for a hug even if her mother is in the shower.

Ivy says in the video, “I want Mommy.”

She’s standing just outside the restroom door, her eyes sadder than we’ve ever seen them.
They’ve only been together for a few minutes, but she clearly needs some mommy time.

As soon as Mom realizes her darling daughter is out there, she yells out Ivy’s name. This simply inspires the young girl, who then knocks softly on the wooden door. She’s too short to reach the door handle and open it herself, so she must knock and wait.

Dad is also outside, watching and filming the action.

Ivy, thankfully, does not have to wait long.
The door flies open in an instant, revealing Mom.

Ivy’s eyes light up when she sees her adored parent.
Hugging a child can provide reassurance, comfort, and even healing. Love is also an important consideration. Mom sweeps Ivy into her arms, and her whole demeanor shifts in an instant.

«She reminds me of those old-fashioned Dollys whose eyes open and close as you lift and lower them.» One YouTube commentator describes the video as “GORGEOUS.”

It’s a lovely sight, but it’s fairly common.
Several other mothers shared similar stories in the video’s comments section. Chaz Nonya, a mother, told the following amusing story:

«My child screamed every time I tried to shower when she was born.» When she was able to walk, she made sure I never took a shower alone. When we finally moved out (she was 23) and I took a shower, I called her and exclaimed, “Guess what?! ” «You had a peaceful shower?» she asked, knowingly. And we both laughed. »

Moms and daughters have an unbreakable bond that almost guarantees they will annoy each other for the rest of their lives. There is always one person you can count on when you need a hug. The individual’s name is Mom.