Вт. Июн 18th, 2024

The audience at Lady Gaga’s latest show in Las Vegas got a big surprise in the form of an unexpected appearance from a big star. Bradley Cooper, who directed and starred alongside Lady Gaga in the critically acclaimed musical A Star Is Born last year, took the stage so the duo could sing a duet from the film. As Lady Gaga handed Cooper monitor speakers that would allow him to hear better, Cooper joked that he still couldn’t hear her. In reference to his A Star Is Born persona, Cooper said, “Jackson never used them,” much to the ecstasy of the crowd.

Channeling his inner rock star, Cooper asked the crowd how they were doing before singing the opening lines of “Shallow.” The song was A Star Is Born’s top single, winning numerous accolades including the Global Globe Award for Best Original Song.

“Shallow” also earned multiple Grammy and Oscar nominations. Throughout their performance, the crowd went wild, with many taking to Twitter to express their joy at seeing the duo. One user tweeted that the performance was amazing and how happy he was to sit so close to the two stars.
In response, another Twitter user pleaded with Lady Gaga to go on tour with Cooper. Everyone was struck by the intense chemistry between the two singers. As the instruments faded and the crowd gave their last applause, Lady Gaga rested her head on Cooper’s shoulder in a tender embrace.

The song marked the last performance of the evening for the concert, which was part of Lady Gaga’s Enigma residency in Las Vegas. While it may surprise casual fans, Lady Gaga and Cooper never acted together until they started filming A Star Is Born.
The film became a vector of unbridled success for the two singers. Along with being nominated for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars, Cooper and Lady Gaga received Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress, respectively. Speaking to reporters ahead of the film’s release, Cooper said the production allowed him to collaborate with some of the best musical artists in the world and was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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