Пт. Июл 12th, 2024

Throughout his life, Simon has been a judge on talent shows like America’s Got Talent, UK’s Got Talent, X-Factor, American Idol, etc., and he thought he had seen it all. But one day on America’s Got Talent, viewers saw Simon do something he’d never done before for a very special young woman and her dog, Hero. Sara Carson from Ontario, Canada is more than any animal trainer. She uses no corrections when training her animals, instead focusing on praise to train Hero and other dogs.

Sara has had a passion for animals since a young age, and she says bonding with them has helped her overcome her shyness. Her family did not support her when she expressed a desire to specialize in dog training as a career, and she ended up losing relationships with some family members.

But Sara knew the world needed to know more about training animals with positive reinforcement, so she kept working hard. And the right “guy” (Hero) proves Sara’s training method works! They did a number of pirates that left Simon and Heidi stunned, and she made viewers feel like her own dogs were worthless. But when Heidi and Howie said “no” to Sara, Simon got up and did something he had never done before. Watch the video with your own eyes and enjoy this wonderful performance by Sara and her beloved dog, Hero.