Вс. Июн 16th, 2024

Having two children in the household can create special moments. Having twins makes it extra special. Watch these twins “conversation” of giggles and babble designed to put a smile on your face.

Twins have a special bond and it comes out in the best ways. A smile-filled interaction filled with giggles and baby babble captures the attention of the mother of this adorable pair. Their conversation shows their strong connection like nothing else on Earth.

When she realized this special moment, mom ran and got her camera to capture the fun. It will be a memory to never forget.

The brother and sister team kept up the interchange of smiles and laughter for several minutes, completely without Mom’s prompting. They didn’t even let the camera lens phase them. It must have been some inside joke, that no one else was in on, to keep them giggling for so long.

It has long been speculated that twins share some sort of mental connection, maybe even being able to read each other’s minds. But, science has never proven such a connection. However, they have come up with a theory that explains this unique bond.

Scientists speculate that it may not be reading each other’s minds but rather sharing the same DNA. Twins share DNA, even if they are fraternal like this adorable pair. This shared DNA means their brain may share similar thought patterns. Basically, they have a genetic reason to think alike.

It just makes sense that two babies, so alike genetically, would think in similar ways. That is a good explanation for why this dynamic duo can laugh at their own jokes without saying a word. We have no idea what’s so funny, but they clearly do!

We’re lucky that Mom understood this special moment and decided to share it with others. Want to see the entire video for yourself? Take a look at this giggle fest of cutie pies!