Пн. Май 27th, 2024

For eight months the owner had searched for his beloved dog and the reunion was very touching. Everyone who has beloved pets knows that it is very difficult to live without them for several months.

This story happened when the owner had gone to another country. The owner was attached to his pet. One day the faithful dog disappeared. The dog had a name Jack, he was much loved.

The owner entered the house and saw that his dog was not there. As usual the beloved dog greeted his owner every day when he returned from work.

The man started to worry and he started looking for him everywhere. The dog was gone. Probably the dog had lost its way back. And eight months have passed.

One day a man saw the photo of the dog and he quickly knew that he contacted the owner. Their meeting was very touching. The owner was crying with joy, everyone was happy to finally be able to see his animal again.