Ср. Июн 19th, 2024

The kids Clay and Cole don’t appear to be related at first glance, and they don’t look alike.

They are, however, brothers, and not just brothers, but twins!

The boys’ mother, Jade, is a native of the United Kingdom, but their father, Cade, is half-Jamaican.

However, the probability that such a couple will have twins with different skin colors is very small, but Clay and Cole have become this wonderful exception to the rule.

The boys are now one and a half years old.

Jade and Cade say that despite the fact that their sons are so different, they love them equally much.

Mom developed a Facebook profile for the boys, and more than 7,000 people have joined to follow their adventures.

Others may not recognize Clay and Cole as twins, but their parents believe they are fortunate to have raised such distinctive children who are significantly different not only in look but also in character.

“If we meet new people, they don’t believe me when I say that Clay and Cole are twins.

They think I’m just kidding,” Jade laughs.

The family has the eldest son, Cruz, who was lucky to inherit both his mom’s and dad’s traits.

What beautiful babies!