Вт. Июн 18th, 2024

Jeff Permar, an IT professional and gardening enthusiast, moved to Middletown, Delaware in 2019. He noticed that his garden vegetables were disappearing, so he set up a security camera, discovering that a small groundhog, who he later named “Chunk,” was the culprit. Initially seen as a pest, Chunk eventually became an internet sensation as Jeff began posting videos of him eating vegetables, and the story grew more captivating when Chunk introduced his “girlfriend”, Nibbles, and their offspring.

The groundhog family’s charming antics turned into an online reality show, with their audience growing to include 518,000 Instagram followers and 116,000 YouTube subscribers by August 2022. The family even has their own merchandise, from t-shirts to mugs and tote bags. The show includes features like a mini-TV set with small plants, a tiny pond, toy ducks, and occasional musical accompaniment for the groundhogs’ dances.

Jeff appreciates the joy that Chunk and his family bring to people worldwide. His videos offer a source of light-hearted entertainment and comfort, with viewers often tuning in to lift their spirits. Jeff’s work fosters a sense of community among wildlife lovers and promotes a welcoming attitude towards all groundhogs, furthering the unexpected but heartwarming global impact of Chunk’s story.