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In this amazing duet by Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson, two of the biggest voices in music today come together to deliver a powerful rendition of ‘All I Ask of You’ from Phantom of the Opera. It’s a performance that shouldn’t be missed!

Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson have been captivating audiences with their incredible voices for many years. They have sold millions of albums and performed in sold-out arenas across the country, establishing themselves as true superstars in the entertainment industry.

Although their musical styles may differ, Kelly and Josh have the ability to sing any genre beautifully. Their talent knows no bounds. They could sing anything, even the phonebook, and still fill stadiums with their mesmerizing performances.

So, what happens when these immensely talented musicians join forces for a duet? A YouTube clip has the answer.

During a CBS holiday special a few years ago, Josh and Kelly delivered a breathtaking rendition of “All I Ask of You.” The results are just as spectacular as you would expect, perhaps even more so.

Standing in the center of a small circular stage, with audience members seated around them, Josh and Kelly create an intimate atmosphere unlike the usual arena or stadium setting. The proximity to the performers adds to the charm of the performance.

Josh Groban: Stages Live «All I Ask» (Featuring Kelly Clarkson) | December 2015 | PBS

As the incredible duet between Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson reaches its conclusion, the studio audience erupts in thunderous applause and cheers. Their performance was simply exquisite and graceful. Even if their music may not be your cup of tea, their immense talent is undeniable and deserving of recognition.

Josh and Kelly make their performance appear effortless and awe-inspiring, showing no signs of strain or exertion. They are seasoned professionals who know how to utilize their voices to create maximum impact.

The short clip, lasting less than four minutes, concludes with the two talented musicians sharing a warm embrace, a testament to the camaraderie and mutual respect between them

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