Вт. Май 21st, 2024

And finally Tom Hanks speaks about the accident occurred 21 years ago and told why the other actor left the film

As we always heard, Connor Ratliff always blamed Tom for making him leave the film and no one ever knew what happened there as there

were no comments, and it was impossible almost to understand the reality,and finally they decided to talk about it and explain what happened previously.

It appeared that during the auditions it was only made a remark about the eyes of the actor and someone just mentioned that they look like as if they are dead and there are no emotions or feelings inside.

Maybe some other actors would have accepted as a challenge to play better and to perform the play better, or to find a solution.

Hanks also said that he was terrified after learning about Ratliff’s show with his children, Colin and Elizabeth, and that he had been a key figure in the comic’s dismissal.

He then contacted Ratliff and offered to be a guest on his program, as he recounted on the episode.

After telling Ratliff about the encounter, Hanks informed him, “Not a tiny detail of these strikes a bell.” “First and foremost, let me take full blame for what I’m about to do to you.

This one was, without the need of a certainty, the filmmaker’s act, and I was the filmmaker.”