Чт. Июн 20th, 2024

See who is going to be engaged soon, This is really a surprise for everybody They started dating during the show

Steven finally has found the love of his life, And he was talking about their future plans, about being together by the end of their days. They don’t even imagine being apart from each other even for a moment.

Steven is the one who became a millionaire, he was the lucky one in that show.

This lucky man with CLAH decided to keep their relation she [secret during the show, and only after it’s, and they announced about being together.

Are they going to marry soon, They told everyone who was interested in them every detail about their connection and love.

There was a question about how difficult it was to keep everything in secret.

She told that as she is living very far from the city center it was very easy to stay in dark, they organized trips abroad and no one could even guess that they are seeing each other.

They said that it was a real challenge for them both,

and it was very hard to keep normal relationships in secret. They were asked these kinds of questions like what was like acting like a couple when they were really together, was it like a game or that was hard for tee both.

They have been calling each other and also face timing. So they could hardly feel absent from each other.