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Unique Girl is on a sultry red stripe with holes in an uncommon picture with Potter, you can see it under

She and Potter photographed each other while attempting to look elegant at the Film Fest in Houston, TX for the screening of their latest movie, ‘The Lost Colony.’

On Sunday, Sandra looked stunning at the Southwest Film Fest in Houston, Texas!

She donned a trendy reddish orange blouse with cutouts under a yellow-orange jacket and matched slacks with a white drawstring to the first showing movie with the word Colony,

where she was accompanied by her founder. She dyed her hair loose and applied light makeup as she stood for shots next to the hottie.

Dan was likewise stylish with a red jacket over a white top, as well as complementing burgundy slacks and shoes.

The skilled actors posed for single photos in well to standing alongside, and they seemed calm and glad to be there.

They also met alongside other cast members of the film at one time. Almost all the movie was shot in the Dominican Republic, and it has been completed, after many months of employment.

At the debut, the actors took part in a Q&A season and addressed ask regarding the time and the final product.

She laughed about man’s role, saying he was her “seventh option” to represent the Seal Team who aids in her writer’s escape.