Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

An Australian Shepherd puppy, Luna, who was not even a year old, jumped out of the yard and disappeared in an unknown direction.

Luna was saved by her amazing and close bond with the youngest member of the family, eight-year-old Bowen.

Baby's cries reunited a Virginia family with their missing Australian Shepherd puppy

The loss of the dog was noticed on Saturday afternoon, and the whole weekend was devoted to searching.

The family turned to Sandra Colston, a lost pet specialist, for help; she made a handy search map with key locations.

They set a trap in which they put their clothes, hoping that Luna would come out for a familiar scent. But none of this worked.

The owners were even afraid that the dog had left its native area, and soon it would need to be looked for on the other side of the state.

Moreover, the dog – thoroughbred and very young – is an ideal prey for dog thieves. But, fortunately, the camera spotted the dog nearby.

Baby's cries reunited a Virginia family with their missing Australian Shepherd puppy

Soon, the son-in-law and niece of Luna’s owner were already there.

They called the shepherd by name, but she ran away in horror.

Luna not only did not respond to her name; her canine friends from a neighboring yard also failed to lure her out of hiding.

The weekend passed, and Monday came, and the family set out again, sister Myers, her ten-year-old daughter, and the youngest member of the family, six-month-old Bowen, sat in the truck, while the rest of them scoured the area on foot.

When they were about to leave, the baby began to fuss and the aunt lifted him higher.

Then Bowen screamed.

And at that moment a miracle happened. Luna stepped cautiously out of her hiding place, as if wanting to check who was offending her little friend.

She was caught, taken on a leash and taken home.

The family was reunited: Luna again became the former playful puppy, who would rather be scratched behind her ears than running around alone on the street.