Пт. Июл 19th, 2024

A dog in “shocking condition” was sent to an animal shelter with a heartbreaking note — but now, she’s on the mend after getting the love and care she deserves.

According to a Facebook post from Austin Pets Alive!, a Chihuahua named Fruit Punch arrived at their doors in terrible shape: she was covered in pressure sores, urine and feces. She was extremely underweight and shaking.

“She can’t stand without trembling, and her spine curves,” the shelter wrote. “We think she was stuck in a very small crate for a long time with no food and no room to move around.”

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Facebook/Austin Pets Alive!

They said they had no information on her previous owners. It’s clear that Fruit Punch had been living a hard life, and someone sent her to Austin Pets Alive! hoping they could care for her:

She is very sweet and deserves a better life,” a note read.

So, the APA team stepped up to give her the life she deserves. Fruit Punch was checked out by their clinic team, who treated her wounds. Because she was so underweight, she had to be slowly reintroduced to solid food.

But despite the odds against her, Fruit Punch is a fighter and now on the road to recovery.

“Her tiny body is working so hard to keep her going, and she can finally start to build up her strength again now that she’s safe and getting looked after,” the shelter wrote.

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Facebook/Austin Pets Alive!

“Today, she’s walking a little more and eating a little more, which is always a promising sign,” APA veterinarian Dr. Gordon told CBS Austin. “She’s in a position to fight the battle thanks to the quick action of our clinic and staff.”

“There is still a ways to go in her recovery, but we hope she can get healthy enough to go into a foster home and eventually find an adoptive family.”

As Fruit Punch recovers, Austin Pets Alive! is asking for donations for her care.

No dog should have to suffer everything Fruit Punch went through, but we’re glad she’s getting the help she needs now — we hope she makes a full recovery and finds a forever home soon!

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