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Nestled within a treehouse constructed amidst the cottonwoods, Sissy Spacek and Jack Fisk evaded the piercing searchlights wielded by the Badlands’ crew, desperately seeking the film’s leading star.

The youthful duo, who found love on the set of a crime film in 1973, sought solace in seclusion. However, when an immense storm unleashed its fury, submerging their rowboat in a flash flood, the crew grew frantic and launched a search party.

Thus began the love story that Spacek and her husband have shared for nearly half a century, solidifying their status as one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting marriages.

Sissy Spacek in character for the movie Carrie. (Photo by Herbert Dorfman/Corbis via Getty Images)

Born Mary Elizabeth, Sissy Spacek spent her formative years in a small Texan town, chasing after her two older brothers who affectionately called her “Sissy.”

At the tender ages of 17 and 18, tragedy struck when Spacek lost her brother Robbie to leukemia. She described his demise as the most significant event in her life, finding strength in the face of loss and developing an unwavering fearlessness.

Now 73 years old, Spacek is perhaps best remembered for her Academy Award-nominated portrayal of the titular character in “Carrie” (1976), with the unforgettable scene of her drenched in pig’s blood serving as the pinnacle of the prom night.

In one of the most terrifying moments in cinema history, Carrie, presumed dead, makes a final appearance when her blood-soaked arm emerges from her grave, clasping the hand of a former classmate.

Sissy Spacek close-up smiling at Sardi’s; circa 1970; New York. (Photo by Art Zelin/Getty Images)

Embracing her character’s essence, Spacek, known for her down-to-earth demeanor, chose not to brush her teeth during the filming of “Carrie.” In an interview with NPR, she expressed her affinity for the fear factor in that scene, recounting how she relished witnessing audiences jump out of their seats during the film’s concluding minutes.

Following several critically acclaimed performances in various films, Spacek, initially aspiring to be a singer, earned an Oscar for her role as Loretta Lynn in “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” She showcased her vocal prowess by singing Lynn’s renowned melodies, garnering a Grammy nomination for Best Country Vocal Performance as well.

As the star of “The Help,” Spacek effortlessly portrayed a psychokinetic teenager, a killer’s love interest, a homicidal homewrecker, a single mother, and over 200 other diverse characters throughout her illustrious five-decade acting career. Her remarkable talents earned her numerous accolades, including three Golden Globe Awards.

Throughout these 50 years, fans have witnessed Spacek’s transformation from a disheveled high schooler to an exquisite and mature natural beauty.


Fans appreciate her avoidance of excessive plastic surgery, celebrating her natural appearance. Comments like “At least she doesn’t look artificially enhanced. She’s a beautiful lady, very authentic” and “Beautiful inside and out, a brilliant actress!” highlight the admiration she garners. Some fans eagerly await another season of “Night Sky,” expressing their desire for more content from the star of “The River.”

Spacek’s most recent role is in the sci-fi drama “Night Sky,” a series that aired for only one season in 2022. In the show, she portrays Irene, a character who finds solace and strength in her relationship with her husband amidst great loss.

Speaking with Esquire about her role, the “Missing” star drew inspiration from her real-life relationship with her husband, director Jack Fisk, whom she married almost five decades ago. Spacek resonated with Irene’s enduring relationship with her husband, reflecting on her own 50-year marital journey. She acknowledged the occasional desire to bop or strangle her partner, believing such sentiments are inherent in long-term relationships, which only deepen with time.

Spacek first encountered Fisk on the set of “Badlands,” where she starred and he served as the art director. Their first date took an unexpected turn when Fisk invited her for a rowboat ride back to their hotel after filming, covering a distance of nearly ten miles.

Wikipedia Commons / David Shankbone

Amidst a fierce storm of thunder, lightning, and torrential rain, their rowboat capsized roughly 100 yards downstream, prompting the crew to launch search parties due to the severity of the tempest. Oblivious to the chaos, the enamored couple stealthily evaded the headlights, seeking refuge in the soggy ditches. Eventually, they reached their destination late that night, drenched but exhilarated.

The young couple tied the knot in 1974, opting for a non-traditional ceremony where they wore jeans, and their dog served as the sole witness to their union.

Surprisingly, neither of them expected their relationship to endure a lifetime. Spacek humorously recounts their skepticism toward marriage, even going so far as to open a bank account with $30, symbolizing the cost of divorce. However, they defied their expectations, growing closer over time and collaborating on several film projects, including “Raggedy Man” (1981) and “Violets Are Blue” (1986), both directed by Fisk.

Spacek, a true Texan at heart, and her husband decided to leave behind the bustling life of Los Angeles, relocating to a farm in Virginia. The peacefulness of their surroundings provided an opportunity to lead a regular life, surrounded by ordinary people.

Together, they raised two children, Schuyler (born 1982) and Madison (born 1988), who have now blessed them with two grandchildren. Schuyler, an actor recognized for appearances in films such as “Orange County” (2002) and TV series like “Law and Order: SVU” and “Castle Rock,” has also made a name for himself as a prominent folk artist. Meanwhile, Madison follows in her father’s footsteps, pursuing a career in production design.

Living on the farm allowed Spacek and Fisk to experience the joys of an ordinary life, surrounded by everyday people. Praising her husband as a remarkable artist, she acknowledges the profound influence he has had on her understanding of an artist’s life and the sacrifices involved. Spacek recognizes the necessity of complete dedication and focus during work, aspects she and her husband have shared throughout their journey.

When asked about the lessons learned from their supportive marriage spanning over five decades, Spacek simply advises, “Just pick your battles.”

Indeed, the inspiring story of Sissy Spacek and Jack Fisk exemplifies a marriage built on love rather than fleeting moments. Spacek’s phenomenal acting abilities have captivated audiences over the years, and favorites among her films may vary from person to person.