Пн. Июл 22nd, 2024

It’s heartbreaking how cruel some people can be to animals: one sweet, blind dog was stabbed multiple times during a standoff and barely survived, left in critical condition.

But after a long road to recovery, the dog has finally gotten some happy news.

In late April, police responded to a domestic dispute between a father and son in Lenoir City, Tennessee. According to WATE, the son, identified as Darian Farley, threatened his father and threatened to kill the family dog.

The family dog was a rescue they named Selah, who was blind, had one eye and suffered from lockjaw. Farley, reportedly jealous of the family’s attention towards the dog, stabbed Selah multiple times, leaving her critically injured. Selah was unable to defend herself due to her disabilities.

Police responded and after a tense stand-off a K-9 took down Farley, who was charged with aggravated assault and animal cruelty. While the police dispatch indicated that Selah had been killed, she survived and was rushed to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center for emergency treatment.

Selah began a long road to recovery. Kayla Jenkins, who fostered Selah before she was adopted by her family, stepped in to care for her again.

“I hadn’t spoken to them in probably about a week or two and they called me probably around 7 that night and I knew something was wrong,” Kayla told WATE.

“That night was pretty touch and go,” she said. “She is still alive. She is getting better slowly. She has had, I think two blood transfusions so far,” adding that Selah was up, walking and doing well.

After months of recovery, Selah — now known as Jules — went up for adoption earlier this month. The Young Williams Animal Center, in Knox County, searched for a perfect home for this sweet dog.

And on August 19, they announced incredible news: Jules had been adopted!

“The future is looking so bright for Jules… This sweet girl finally found her furever home today!” they wrote. “Congratulations sweet Jules! We are so happy for you.”

After everything Selah/Jules has been through, she deserves a loving home and we’re so glad she’s been adopted! Enjoy your new life!

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