Пн. Май 27th, 2024

It’s heartbreaking how some people abandon their dogs for the most trivial reasons, like minor health issues or because they’re “too old.” Some heartless owners even try to have their pets put to sleep.

That was the case for a dog named Marcus, whose owner wanted him put down just for barking too much — but now this sweet dog is looking for a second chance.

Marcus, a 2-year-old patterdale terrier-lab mix, is in the care of Lucie’s Animal Rescue, a UK-based nonprofit, after being surrendered by his owner. The owner reportedly gave up the dog after just five weeks because he “barks at other dogs and people.”

It was clear the owner had put no effort into understanding or correcting her dog’s behavior, and had even resorted to trying to have him euthanized at the vet, because she “could not be bothered to put any time or training into him.”

“Barking is how dogs communicate, and express their fears, and also excitement,” Lucie’s Animal Rescue wrote in a Facebook post. “When I asked his owner what training she had been doing with Marcus to help him overcome his possible nervous behaviour, the answer was ‘he’s had none.’”

A behaviorist even offered help, but the owner declined, still opting to have him put down just for barking.

“It’s disgusting. I have not been able to sleep much because I am still so angry. Dogs bark. It’s what they do,” rescue founder Lucie Holmes told BBC News.

Thankfully, he was not euthanized and instead taken in by the rescue. His new carers say that Marcus is a sweet and gentle dog. “He hasn’t barked yet,” the rescue wrote.

“You are safe Marcus, and loved. You will never be treated so badly again, and that I can promise.”

The rescue wrote that Marcus has been socializing and making friends with other dogs, and despite his former owner’s issues, he only barks in a playful and non-aggressive way.

“I presume he’s been barking at other dogs because he wants to say hello and communicate with them…. Like all dogs do,” they wrote. “He is very nervous, and anxious but so nice for him to have some friends and more importantly…. Be a dog!”

Marcus has been receiving training, and the rescue says that he listens well and obeys commands. It is not clear if or when he will be up for adoption, but he is settling in well at the rescue.

Lucie says that Marcus’ story is a reminder to dog owners that pets are a lifetime commitment requiring patience.

“You have to do your research and give dogs time to settle,” she told the BBC. “You wouldn’t take a toddler to nursery and expect him or her to be blissfully happy immediately.”

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would surrender such a sweet dog just for barking, but we’re glad that Marcus is in better hands now.

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