Вт. Июн 18th, 2024

Jocelyn Wildenstein, once renowned for her beauty, is now an 81-year-old socialite infamous for undergoing numerous surgeries in pursuit of youth and allure.

Born in Switzerland, Jocelyn’s life took a turn when she met a film producer at the age of 17, who granted her the opportunity to kickstart her film career. However, after moving to Paris with her partner, their relationship fell apart, and Jocelyn delved into a wild and party-centric lifestyle. For the next three decades, she changed partners frequently, avoiding marriage.

It is believed that Jocelyn’s initial decision to undergo surgery was influenced by her spouse’s fear of aging, as he was determined to preserve a youthful appearance. He first opted to remove bags under his eyes and Jocelyn followed suit with blepharoplasty, hoping to support her husband and maintain her own youthful looks.

Subsequently, Jocelyn underwent a series of further facial alterations, including skin tightening, beautician-administered injections, and chin and cheekbone implants. Some accounts suggest she wanted a cat-like eye shape to remain attractive in her husband’s eyes, while others claim it was solely her own desire to appear young.

Despite receiving substantial financial assistance from her ex-husband, including a reported $2.5 billion settlement, Jocelyn’s wealth didn’t endure. By 2016, she claimed to be nearly broke, leading to rumors that she had bequeathed her fortune to cosmetic and plastic specialists.

Interestingly, despite her drastic transformation, Jocelyn refuses to acknowledge any youthful mistakes or flaws in her appearance, maintaining a self-perception of beauty.