Ср. Июл 24th, 2024

Seeing a mother separated from her child is always heartbreaking to watch.

Regardless of whether the mother is human or in this case, from the animal kingdom, the breakup is equally painful.

This cow mourned her calf so much, she couldn’t stop crying. Hearing her cries hit me straight in the heart.


Photo: Gentlebarn/YouTube

Karma was rescued from a small farm where she was forced to live in terrible conditions.

Her rescuers at California’s Gentle Barn Sanctuary thought she’d be happy to be given a better life but instead Karma wouldn’t stop crying.

Her calf was on his way to the butchers

Karma’s new owners quickly noticed that her udders were full of milk and realized she must have recently had a calf, but didn’t know why that wasn’t brought to their attention when they rescued Karma.

A quick phone call to the previous farm told them that her calf had been sold for meat and was on his way to a butcher.

Photo: Gentlebarn/YouTube

In a twist of fate the vehicle Karma’s calf was traveling in broke down and her rescuers were able to get to him before he reached his tragic end.

They had to calm the distressed calf down before they could take him to the sanctuary to be reunited with his mother.

Photo: Gentlebarn/YouTube

The reunion when mother and son get to meet again, at their new farm, is so beautiful.

Although the little calf was malnourished and severely stressed by the whole situation, he immediately regains his strength when he sees his mama.

Photo: Gentlebarn/YouTube

See the beautiful moment when mother and son are reunited in the clip below.

THANK YOU to all the animal lovers out there who work so hard to ease these creatures’ suffering.